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How to convert plain Laerdal mannequin arms to IV arms

I have come up with a way to convert Laerdal mannequin arms to IV arms. It saves the cost of purchasing an IV arm from Laerdal, and the replacement parts for the IV arm when it wears out. It is easier to maintain and gives you an articulated arm that you can run fluids into. It works for the following part numbers:


            part# 300-05150    Right plain arm assembly (male)

            part# 380800    Left plain arm assembly (male)



These arms are used on the Nursing Kelly (catalog# 300-20050) and Nursing Kelly VitalSim capable mannequin (catalog# 300-05050). I have also devised a way to convert Nursing Anne (catalog# 325-20050), and Nursing Anne VitalSim capable mannequin (325-05050) arms to IV arms. The conversion will give you an IV arm that you can run fluids into, for example, when doing spike, prime, and time, or IV flushing. It will not give you an arm that you can start IV’s on. The conversion is easy and takes minimal tools and supplies. I have been using this setup in my lab to do spike, prime, and time skill checkoffs, and for flushing an IV, and it has worked great. We have saved a lot of money not having to purchase replacement veins and skins (part# 312029) for the Laerdal IV arms. If you would like the step-by-step instructions for these conversions (with pictures), send me an email and I will send them to you.

 Let me know which one you want, male or female.



Fred Klausegger RN

Valencia Community College

Osceola Campus Nursing Arts Lab  6-8

1800 Denn John Lane, Kissimmee, Fl. 34744