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Re: Simulated Hospital Oxygen/suction
by Erick Cremer - Friday, February 20, 2015, 2:34 PM

Just seeing this thread.  I had the same problem years ago and got a self contained head wall system with the compressor and vacuum pump all contained within the unit. It has a little "egg-timer" like switch on the side that turns it on and automatically shuts off in what ever time you set it at.  It is very noisy and our SimRoom mike picks up the head wall compressor noise and in the tech room I can  hardly hear the students.  These are OK for out in the open nursing lab, but not for the simroom.

I was setting up a satellite sim lab on the other side of the island and did not want to get this noisy unit, so I found one that had a separate super quiet compressor that connected to the head wall via a 30ʻ compressor air hose. I love this unit. I found it on myheadwall dot com.  It is describe as an Alere functional headwall with silent compressor.  It comes with the accessories, e.g. O2 and medical air flow meters, vacuum gauge, vacuum canister and holder, and a couple outlets.  Easy to mount to a wall and plug into a 110v outlet. We ran the air hose through the wall into a closet.  The compressor is quiet enough you could keep it in a corner in the simroom if you did not want to run the hose through the wall.

Hope this helps for those setting up sim labs.