Equipment Issues

Picture of Rickie Bonner
by Rickie Bonner - Tuesday, October 30, 2012, 5:27 PM

We incorporated SimChart from Evolve/Elsevier this semester and are seriously considering dropping it. We have problems with it "timing out" on our students. Evolve said that the student has to leave SimChart and go back into Evolve to extend their time on. We complained about this because it interupts the student learning and if they forget to do this step, time runs out and the student looses all their work. Also, students AND instructors have trouble getting booted out for no reason AND loosing all your work. Made a ticket on it and Evolve said that their system is overloaded with all the users....should have thought about this before they marketed it so much. We have had some students submit the EMR and it gets lost in space. Instructors receive an email that the work is submitted but we cannot find it. Only solution is to get the students sign in and password and go look at their work that way.....not good. We are having a faculty meeting in a few weeks and will re-evaluate using it any more. We have students trying to put in information, loosing data, and staying up all night messing with it! I would be anxious to hear if anyone else has used SimChart and what their experiences have been with it.