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Simulation Lab Policies & Procedures
by Melissa Walters - Wednesday, June 25, 2008, 12:58 PM

Hello All,

Greetings from Carthage, TX. I was recently hired by a small East Texas college to coordinate the Simulation Laboratory. Tho our faculty has been utilizing simulation in their curriculum for the past 5 years, we are now embarking with a regional hospital to provide a permanent home for our laboratory. My new task is to develop a policies & procedure manual for this laboratory. Transitioning from a staff nurse role into the educational field, I have found it difficult in this regard. I was wondering whether anyone would be able to give me some guidance. I have found some useful templates available on the SSH listserv, but am having trouble "putting pen to paper." I would be ever so grateful for the help.

Thanks again,

Melissa Walters, BSN, RN

Simulation Coordinator

Panola College



Melissa Walters

I too was a newby with a new skills lab in January of 2008.  I am working on a Policy and Procedure for our skills lab this summer.  I can email you a policy on fire safety from our lab that I created based on our building.  Remember that your policys should reflect the skills lab setting and include fire safey, code stork (infant abduction), code blue or cardiac arrest, etc.

I also put togeather a reference in the back using our Taylors Skills Manuel that outlines the correct method of each procedure that will be done during our simulations.  Some of the procedures are foley caths, nasogastric  tubes, care of chest tubes, and sterile dressings. 

Durcilla Williams, MSN, RN
Odessa College Nursing Lab Instructor


Your posting is interesting as my nursing program is embarking on a interdisciplinary relationship with our parent hospital. We will be acquiring the 3G SimMan and one of the stipulations is the involvement with nursing and medical education. We will have a new simulation center in about a year as well. Our committee needs to develop a policy and procedure manual. While we are used to writing school policies, this will be a challenge because of the collaboration.

One suggestion is use your past experience as a staff nurse when it comes to policies and procedures. Use a template that is familiar to you, those you have been exposed to in the past - not as intimidating. Write a list of what needs to be addressed - physical environment, qualification of simulator operators, scheduling, security, maintenance of equipment.

Maybe develop a technology/simulation committee - have others involved from the regional hospital for input.

Hope this helps. Will let you know how we do as well.

Marithely Morales-Allen MSN, RN


Trinitas School of Nursing



This I think is an important issue.  I work with a centre in Australia based in a hospital setting (simulation for post grad nurses and doctors in Australia is not based in universities rather in short courses offered by simulation centres like ours), so whilst we have all the p & p for the oorganisation we grapple with things like the reuse of "single use" items like iv giving sets etc, the refilling of IV bags and use of drugs, as our practices are outside hospital policy.  We find a reluctance to commit to policy regarding these things as the written document can be used against one later.

So I guess I'm asking do we need to visit the ideas of standards for simulations which may or may not fit with the standards used in clinical practice.

Any thoughts??

Stephanie O'Regan

Simulation Coordinator, Sydney Medical Simulation Centre

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Re: Simulation Lab Policies & Procedures
by Wendy Grbach - Wednesday, July 2, 2008, 10:45 AM

Stephanie and Friends,

The Society for Simulaiton in Healtcare has recently developed P&P for simulations from a variety of fronts.  This may be of value to you.

Wendy :)

Wendeline J. Grbach, MSN, RN, CCRN,CLNC

Curriculum Developer for Simulation Education

UPMC Shadyside School of Nursing

Pittsburgh, PA

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Re: Simulation Lab Policies & Procedures
by Jeanette Wong - Wednesday, July 9, 2008, 5:40 PM

As the Operations Manager of the Samuel Merritt College Health Sciences Simulation Center I understand and empathize with you that creating policies and procedures can be a daunting task.  However, I have found that creating the key policies and procedures, at least to begin, will make your life easier.  

Jesika Gavilanes, Operations Manager of the Oregon Health & Science University, and myself presented at the INACSL Conference in June on our experience as Op Managers of very busy multidisciplianry simualtion centers.  Our presentation was entitled, " An Organized Simulation Center is a "Good Thing"" - we would be willing to email our presentation to those of you who are interested.  It does include some ideas on what policies to consider, ideas on inventory, storage, scheduling,etc. 

There is a lot to learn to begin the operations process but just take "baby steps" and know you are not alone.  

If you are interested in receiving a copy of our presenation please email us.  Thanks

Jeanette Wong, RN, MPA                               Jesika Gavilanes, MA

Operations Manager                                       Operations Manager

Samuel Merritt College                                   Oregon Health & Science University

Health Sciences Simulation Ctr                      Simulation & Clinical Learning Center                    

Congratulations on this new role! I currently work on a nursing faculty and am newly in charge of our nursing labs, including simulation lab development. Some concrete suggestions for inclusion into your sim lab procedures/policies would be:

Student expectations: dress code, food and drink, safety issues
Faculty expectations: use of equipment, set up /clean up responsibilities, scheduling