Simulation Centers and Faculty/Staff Development

Kudos to all of you setting-up, facilitating, debriefing, etc. all by yourself! I find this very challenging. Especially when simulation is new to both students and faculty.

We are still in the beginning stages and find that having the simulation lab coordinator set-up and run the computer portion, including voice of the patient, and having the faculty facilitate and debrief works well. Allows us to put our heads together during the scenario to take notes on items we want to mention during debriefing. Also allows the faculty to fully observe and occasionally play the role of the physician.

I work closely with the faculty in developing the scenario. Having been a faculty member does help with adapting the objectives and scenario to the students educational level.

The beauty of simulation is that each program can adapt it to their individual needs with whatever staff they have available.

Vickie Valenziano, RN, MSN
Simulation Lab Coordinator
Cuesta College