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Re: students rotating through sim lab
by ghada almukhaini - Thursday, January 15, 2015, 11:29 AM

you are right Megan, but for our school with such a big student accommodation and 1 teacher each group( group of 8-10) students .for the debriefing it is going to very successful ,, but i have another problem .. i will list my concern down:

- i have 10 labs and each lab one group with their own group 

- but the student come every week for 5 hours as a clinical skill practice and demonstration .

- the student come after they finish the theory part of the required material( basic) . at the end i find it difficult for me as a simulation lab coordinator building our simulation running that way  to succeed.because they only practice the skill acquired and they leave .. no simulation activities made.. next semester i  would like to make some changes in the plan for the simulation lab practice . 

- when it come for the final exams ,, they let the students  to( Lot )the old traditional skill and not have the real simulation according to the skills they have made . 

would you mind helping me in that .i am from ( saudi arabia) .