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Re: new to simulation
by vickie valenziano - Monday, October 19, 2009, 9:08 PM
Sheryl, it may seem overwhelming now, but what a great opportunity for you! I have been preparing for simulation for several years and when it all comes together it is quite something. Begin by networking with others from web groups and conferences. There is much information to read that will help you get started. I am now doing the NLN CEU offerings and really find them helpful. Don't forget to contact schools that are close to you and visit them to see what they are doing. I belonged to a group of about 20 schools and we met monthly at a different school and helped each other set up labs. They continue to be helpful still.

As far as labs go, when purchasing anything, think double-duty. A table and chair can be a desk, a nurses station, used for tutoring, and I once had to use it for a bed for a manikin. Having items on rollers also helps until you know the exact configuration of the room.

I would be glad to email with you privately if you would like more information. Good luck!

Vickie Valenziano