Simulation Vendors

Listed below are companies that sell simulation equipment and products who value the importance of incorporating simulation into your curriculum.

If you are a vendor that is interested in posting your information here in exchange for displaying a link to the SIRC, please provide your information here.  

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Product Profile:

ADInstruments Health Science Teaching Systems for nursing facilitates critical learning skills using a hands approach with a physiology and anatomy laboratory focus. The LabTutor Nursing collection integrates patient video interviews, real patient data and clinical test results with related physiology experiments. By using LabTutor Nursing exercises, students will:

  • Get hands-on practice measuring physiological parameters including BP, ECG and respiratory rate.
  • Look at clinical test results of a patient with a medical condition that is relevant to their own physiological data
  • View high quality video interviews of a patient and examine their specialized test results, such as MRI and CT scans
  • Compare their own recordings with patient data
  • Evaluate both data sets in relation to the relevant physiological and clinical theory

Integrate real science and case study exercises together for your nursing program with PowerLab with LabTutor Health Science Teaching Systems.


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Contact Name:

Amy Bucher



(719) 576-3970



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