Simulation Vendors

Listed below are companies that sell simulation equipment and products who value the importance of incorporating simulation into your curriculum.

If you are a vendor that is interested in posting your information here in exchange for displaying a link to the SIRC, please provide your information here.  

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Wallcur LLC

Product Profile:

We believe in increasing core competencies through realistic simulation. For over 40 years, Wallcur has been the leading innovator and provider of educational training products for the health care industry. We work with a team of experts to provide our customers with the most current and most relevant simulated medications, delivery systems, injection trainers and teaching tool on the market, with immediate fulfillment and the best customer service in the industry. 

Our Practi-Products guarantee the highest quality, most true-to-life realistic designs for the best hands-on medical training. As the originator of practice medications for simulation, our products allow instructors to create a safe and authentic training experience that is guaranteed to increase student and professional readiness and cut down on medication and administration errors. The result is a greater retention of students, less risk in clinical practice, and overall better healthcare providers. 


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Contact Name:

Wendy LaGrange



(800) 565-4331


Wallcur LLC

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