Simulation Vendors

Listed below are companies that sell simulation equipment and products who value the importance of incorporating simulation into your curriculum.

If you are a vendor that is interested in posting your information here in exchange for displaying a link to the SIRC, please provide your information here.  

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train4REAL LLC

Product Profile:

train4REAL LLC is a company with highly skilled Hollywood style Special Make-up Effects Artists, Sculptors, and Mold Makers that create highly realistic Pressure Ulcers, Burns, Suture Pads and more. Our training aids are placed directly on a live role player or mannequin and have the unique ability to be mediated while oozing pus, blood, or any other type of fluid to practice proper diagnosis and wound care treatment. All of our products are easily applied, re-usable, durable, easily cleaned and very cost effective.


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Contact Name:

John Matechen



(724) 757-2774


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