Simulation Vendors

Listed below are companies that sell simulation equipment and products who value the importance of incorporating simulation into your curriculum.

If you are a vendor that is interested in posting your information here in exchange for displaying a link to the SIRC, please provide your information here.  

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EuSim Group

Product Profile:

EuSim is a longterm co-operation between the three academic simulation Centres in Copenhagen - Denmark (DIMS), Tuebingen - Germany (TuPASS), and London - England (BARTS).

Our aim is to help to spread simulation around the world in the interest of improving patient safety and quality of care. We achieve this goal by educating health care professionals on how to best use simulators and simulations for basic education, advanced training and research.

We consider simulation a goal-oriented interplay between human beings, technology and organisation. The use of simulation requires more than having the tool – it is about using the tool and creating the context in which to use it best. The human-technology-organisation interplay also makes or breaks patient safety and for this reason we focus on non-technical skills and principles of crisis resource management in our courses.

We offer courses for different target groups. The courses can be combined to a comprehensive curriculum. Besides basic and advanced simulation instructor courses, we also run courses for center managers and develop specialized further courses. Most courses are open for sign-up but we also design and conduct specialized courses for interested parties.


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Contact Name:



+45 4488 4369



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