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Listed below are companies that sell simulation equipment and products who value the importance of incorporating simulation into your curriculum.

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Product Profile:

The HESS - Creating Better Nursing Outcomes Through Better Nursing Education

Utilizing technology-enabled Simulation and Active Learning approaches in Nursing Education is now a well accepted way to enhance learning. But typical high costs and complexity have put Simulation and Active Learning technologies out of reach of many Nurse Educators - especially those in smaller programs, traditional instructional roles (classroom), hospital units (in-situ), developing countries, etc.

Resulting from an innovation created by Otterbein University Nurse Educators, with key elements engineered and built at Otterbein's Point Makerspace, the HESS (the Healthcare Education Simulation Station) contains everything needed to conduct affordable, portable, easy to use and effective Simulation and Active Learning based training that can be conducted anywhere by Nursing Educators in any role.

The HESS makes it easy to conduct critical thinking Nursing Education exercises involving Assessment, Cardiac, Respiratory, OB and many other issues - using a choice of manikins, simulators, skill/task trainers or standardized patients.

The HESS is utilized by Nurse Educators in a variety of school and practice settings in the United States and internationally.


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(866) 374-3343



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