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 Nehring, W., Lashley, F




 Human patient simulators in nursing education: An international survey.


 Nursing Education Perspectives, 25(5), 244-248



The authors, nursing faculty and associate dean at a university in New Jersey, reported on an international survey of nursing schools and simulation centers that collaborate with nursing schools (n = 34) who have purchased a specific brand of human patient simulator (HPS). They presented descriptive statistical information from the survey regarding the respondents’ use of HPS in several areas including: time of use in curriculum, undergraduate courses using HPS, curricular content with use of HPS, use of HPS for competency evaluation and several other informative areas such as source of money to purchase and maintain HPS. Data were sorted by whether HPS was in a university, community college, or a simulation center. Provided clear and informative data on nursing program use of one brand of HPS and a good model of further survey/study of HPS use in nursing programs.

Annotated By:

 Carol S. Coose, EdD, RN, CNE


  Curriculum Integration
Faculty Development

Curriculum Integration
Faculty Development
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