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 Miller, H, Nichols, E., & Beeken, J.




 Comparing videotaped and faculty-present return demonstrations of clinical skills.


 Journal of Nursing Education, 39(5),237-9.



The authors, nursing faculty at a university in Wyoming, reported on a quasi-experimental study conducted with junior level baccalaureate nursing students (n = 48) in their first clinical course. The study was designed to determine if there were differences in performance or student satisfaction based on the type of return demonstration (faculty-present or videotaped demonstration) completed in the nursing skills lab. Validity of the performance checklists used in the study was discussed along with the results of a pilot study done to test for reliability and validity of the instruments used. Results of the study indicated no significant differences in the performance of students between the two groups, however the videotaped demonstrations involved significantly less faculty time for evaluation. Both faculty and students were significantly more satisfied with the faculty-present method. Statistics were presented, limitations discussed, along with the need for some improvements or changes in the process used. Provided a good beginning for further study of the use of videotaping of return demonstrations, and mostly supported the use of faculty-present return demonstrations.

Annotated By:

 Carol S. Coose, EdD, RN, CNE


  Learning Outcomes
Teaching Modalities

Learning Outcomes
Teaching Modalities
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