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 Jenkins, P. & Turick-Gibson, T.




 An exercise in critical thinking using role playing.


 Nurse Educator, 24(6), 11-1



The authors, nursing faculty at a small private college in New York, reported on using a role-playing simulation (having diabetes mellitus for a weekend) with junior level baccalaureate nursing students (n = 34) to promote critical thinking skills and develop empathy with patients. Results were analyzed from double entry journal responses and indicated students developed and used critical thinking as defined in the article. The authors presented qualitative data to support students’ use of critical thinking and reported on positive feedback from both students and alumni regarding this simulated role-play experience. Provided positive ideas and support for using role-play to enhance learning through simulation plus gave specific ways and methods to evaluate students’ use of critical thinking. This article provided a good start for further research on role-play simulations as well as the evaluation of critical thinking.

Annotated By:

 Carol S. Coose, EdD, RN, CNE


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Teaching Modalities
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