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 Jones, T., Cason, C. & Mancini, M.




 Evaluating nurse competency: Evidence of validity for a skills recredentialing program


 Journal of Professional Nursing, 18(1), 22-28



The authors included the director of clinical research, a nursing administrator and a nursing faculty person serving as research consultant for a large hospital system in Texas. They reported on a multi-trait, multi-method approach to evaluate the validity of a hospital-based mandatory nurse competency assessment program that utilized simulated conditions as well as observations of routine care of patients to assess selected competencies of staff RNs (n = 368) at a large urban hospital. Instruments used in the study included knowledge tests, skill performance checklists, and performance ratings by nurse educators from the hospital. Validity of the knowledge test was discussed and inter-rater reliability presented for the skill performance ratings, including statistical results. There were no significant differences in ratings for the RNs between simulated and actual bedside care ratings. The authors stated that results supported the validity and reliability of the mandatory competency evaluation program and that the program identified those needing remediation. Provided clear evidence-base with statistical support for the competency evaluation program used in the study and provided a good foundation for further research on competency-based evaluation.

Annotated By:

 Carol S. Coose, EdD, RN, CNE


  Learning Outcomes
Teaching Modalities

Learning Outcomes
Teaching Modalities
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