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 Issenberg, S. B., McGaghie, W. C., Petrusa, E. R., Gordon, D. L., & Scalese, R. J.




 Features and uses of high-fidelity medical simulations that lead to effective learning: A BEME systematic review


 Medical Teacher, 27(1), 10-28



The authors summarized the activities of the Best Evidence Medical Education (BEME) Collaborative in a project focused on reviewing the existing evidence related to the features and uses of high-fidelity medical simulation leading to effective learning.  This paper describes the methodology and details of the project, the findings and the use of this information within medical education.  A total of 109 articles were reviewed covering 34-years of research articles.  This article includes a table which summarizes 10 identified features and uses of high-fidelity simulators that lead to effective learning coorelated with the number of studies which support each specific feature and use.  The results of this review noted the right conditions are necessary for high-fidelity medical simulation to facilty learning.  In addition, areas lacking research included the introduction of mastery learning models and the need for investigators to expand their breadth and depth of the educational science of simulation from other industries using simulation.

Annotated By:

 Tracy Chesney, MSN-Ed, RN, CNE


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