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 Alinier, G., Hunt, B., Gordon, R., & Harwood, C.




 Effectiveness of intermediate-fidelity simulation training technology in undergraduate nursing education.


 Journal of Advanced Nursing, 54(3), 359-369.



The authors hold a variety of degrees and faculty positions in health sciences at a UK university. They presented results of an experimental study with nursing students in the second year of a Diploma in Higher Education in Adult Nursing (n=99). The results supported their hypothesis that students exposed to scenario-based simulation training would perform better in posttests designed to assess clinical competence of healthcare students than a control group. Results of a pilot study, along with data to support the validity and reliability of the pre and posttests were presented. The improvement in mean score performance by the experimental group (scenario-based simulation training) was found to be statistically significantly higher than the control group. This study also examined student ratings of stress and confidence finding no significant differences between groups. These results provided support for the use of simulation in nursing education and an example/starting point for additional research on use of simulations in nursing education.

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 Carol S. Coose, EdD, RN, CNE


  Learning Outcomes
Teaching Modalities

Learning Outcomes
Teaching Modalities
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