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 Alessi, S.M.




 Fidelity in the design of instructional simulations.


 Journal of Computer-Based Instruction, 15(2), 40-47.



The author, faculty at the University of Iowa, reported and summarized previous research on levels of fidelity for computer simulation and the effects on learning. He supported a conclusion that the relationship of learning to fidelity of a simulation is non-linear and also presented a proposed model of the relationship curve. The author discussed rationale and ideas regarding when to increase the fidelity of simulations and presented a taxonomy of the factors to consider when determining simulation fidelity. This taxonomy included four types of simulations along with four aspects of simulation to which fidelity is relevant. The author discussed each simulation type in relation to the 4 aspects and fidelity. He concluded with a proposal that learning varies with fidelity as an inverted U-shaped curve for beginning students and that as students progress, they benefit from increasing fidelity. The author discussed the specific research needed regarding the effects of fidelity on learning. Provided some thought-provoking research and insights into fidelity in computer simulation in relation to learning as well as clear ideas for further research.

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 Carol S. Coose, EdD, RN, CNE


  Learning Outcomes
Teaching Modalities

Learning Outcomes
Teaching Modalities
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