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 Cook, D., Hatala, R., Brydges, R., Zendejas, B., Szostek, J., Wang, A., Erwin, P., & Hamstra, S




 Technology-enhanced simulation for health professions education: A systematic review and meta-analysis.


 . Journal of American Medical Association, 306(9), 978-988.



The authors, physician researchers, conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis of 609 published studies that evaluated the effect of simulation-based interventions on various outcomes among health care profession learners. The researchers used established quality procedures for conducting and reporting meta-analyses. The inclusion criteria for article selection and the definition of technology-enhanced simulation were broad in this review. In comparison with no intervention, technology-enhanced simulation training in health professions education was consistently associated with large effects for the outcomes of knowledge, skills, and behaviors and moderate effect for patient-related outcomes. This review adds to the existing literature supporting the use of simulation in health care provider education, although as the authors conclude, the results do not provide evidence to guide the design of future simulation activities.

Annotated By:

 Barbara Aronson RN, Ph.D., CNE



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