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 Hober, C., Manry, J., & Connelly, L.




 Simulation development: The Simmons family.


 Clinical Simulation in Nursing, 5, e173-e179



Hober, Manry, & Connelly, faculty in the department of nursing at Fort Hays State University, describe the process of developing a nursing simulation curriculum that can be utilized by both baccalaureate and master of nursing programs. A six-member Simulation Task Force used complexity theory to 1) research simulation, 2) develop simulation curriculum, and 3) promote the integration of simulation in theory and clinical courses. One distinct element of this curriculum is the fictional Simmons family: 15 character profiles of a four-generation family that incorporate genetics, family dynamics, ethics, and cultural differences, as well as health concerns. The ultimate goal was to “create a seamless approach for faculty to create and use simulation … [and] to provide comprehensive simulation experiences for students†(p. 174). The results of the pilot study of the curriculum implementation revealed that it was not only a realistic experience for students, but also fostered beginning technical skills and higher level interpersonal skills.

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 Cecily A. Montgomery, RN, BSN


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