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 Ost, D., DeRosiers, A., Britt, J., Fein, A., Lesser, M. & Mehta, A.




 Assessment of a bronchoscopy simulator.


 American Journal of Respiratory Critical Care Medicine, 164, 2248-2255.



The authors, physicians and medical educators from major medical schools or hospitals in New York, Maryland and Ohio, reported on a multi-center prospective cohort study performed using a bronchoscopy simulator to train and evaluate first year pulmonary fellows at 3 different hospitals. The first part of the study was observational to test whether the simulator would be able to distinguish between novices and experts with bronchoscopy (n = 28) based on several measures of performance. The second portion of the study was a small (n = 6) randomized-controlled trial to determine whether simulation training for new pulmonary fellows would be better than conventional bronchoscopy training. The authors described in detail the methods used for the study and presented descriptive statistics as well as comparative statistics to support their conclusions. Results supported that the simulator could differentiate between expert and novice practitioners and that novices trained using the simulator performed significantly better than those trained using conventional methods. The authors discussed limitations of the study and benefits/uses of simulators in training pulmonary physicians. Provided clear support for the use of the simulator in learning bronchoscopy and a clear model for further research in simulator use.

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 Carol S. Coose, EdD, RN, CNE


  Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes
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