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 Kardong-Edgren, S.; Adamson, K.;Fitzgerald,C.




 A Review of Currently Published Evaluation Instruments for Human Patient Simulation


 Clinical Simulation in Nursing, 6, e25-e35.



Kardong-Edgren, Adamson, and Fitzgerald, nurse faculty from Washington State University, provide a review of currently published evaluation instruments for human patient simulation and learning. The authors summarize and evaluate 29 current simulation evaluation tools. The tools are then divided into the categories: cognitive, psychomotor, affective, group evaluation, and developmental. The authors conclude few nurse faculty are skilled in instrument development and over 1/2 of the studies did not measure or report reliability and validity. Faculty are encouraged to reuse current instruments and participate in multi-site studies to provide the valid data needed to move simulation science forward. This article is intended for Nurse Faculty and Advanced Practice Nurses evaluating simulation as a learning method.

Annotated By:

 Celeste M. Alfes, DNP, RN



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