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 Cason, C. L., Cazzell, M. A., Nelson, K. A., Hartman, V., Roye, J., & Mancini, M. E.




 Improving learning of airway management with case-based computer microsimulations


 Clinical Simulation in Nursing, 6, e15-e23



These researchers, affiliated with the University of Texas at Arlington School of Nursing, conducted an experimental study comparing the learning outcomes of lecture and MicroSim (an intelligent tutoring system produced by Laerdal Medical Corporation who also funded the study). Their goal was to determine if MicroSim was as effective as traditional lecture in teaching airway management to senior baccalaureate nursing students in a pediatric nursing course. Synthesis of Benner’s model, Kolb’s theory, and dual code theory as applied to simulation provided the theoretical framework for the study. They found that MicroSim was as effective as traditional lecture in knowledge acquisition, knowledge transfer, and learner receptivity. Other elements of the article included a discussion of neomillennial learners and definition of an intelligent tutoring system.

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 Cecily A. Montgomery, RN, BSN


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