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 Burns, H. K., O’Donnell, J., & Artman, J.




 High-fidelity simulation in teaching problem solving to 1st-year nursing students: A novel use of the nursing process.


 Clinical Simulation in Nursing, 6, e87-e95



Burns, O’Donnell, and Artman, of the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing, describe their investigation of the knowledge and attitudes of nursing students who experienced high-fidelity (HF) simulation scenarios designed to introduce them to the nursing process, safety, and communication. Using pre- and post-tests, this study reveals the impact of HF simulation on nursing students prior to their first clinical experiences. It was found that the simulation and debriefing improved students’ understanding of the nursing process. Overall, students were “very satisfied with the simulation experience†(p. 92). Characteristics of the net generation and the importance of including the concept of effective communication in nursing curricula are also discussed.

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 Cecily A. Montgomery, RN, BSN


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