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 Arnold, J. J., Johnson, L. M., Tucker, S. J., Malec, J. F., Henrickson, S. E., & Dunn, W. F.




 Evaluation tools in simulation learning: Performance and self-efficacy in emergency response


 Clinical Simulation in Nursing, 5, e35-e43.



One major deficit in the field of simulation research is a lack of valid and reliable evaluation tools. This study, by researchers mainly from the Mayo Clinic, begins to resolve that deficit by reporting “the validity and reliability…of an emergency response performance tool (ERPT)†as well as a self-efficacy tool (p. 36). Using Bandura’s theory as the theoretical framework, they guessed that self-efficacy predicts performance when it comes to emergency situations. They found that the ERPT was reliable and valid and that the self-efficacy tool was reliable and reflected internal consistency. Regarding their hypothesis, the data supported their position that self-efficacy predicts performance.

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 Cecily A. Montgomery, RN, BSN


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