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 Ackermann, A.D.




 Investigation of learning outcomes for the acquisition and retention of CPR knowledge and skills learned with the use of high-fidelity simulation.


 Clinical Simulation in Nursing, 5, e213-e222.



Ackerman, of Mount Saint Mary College, conducted a study of the cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) knowledge acquisition and retention of baccalaureate nursing students. Using Benner’s novice to expert theory as framework, the goal was to ascertain whether high-fidelity human patient simulation (HPS) affected CPR knowledge acquisition and 3-month retention compared to traditional CPR certification methods. In addition to demographic data, Ackerman compiled data on participants’ previous education and experience with CPR on a live person. The study revealed that both groups’ knowledge retention decreased but, participants who experienced the simulation scenario had better retention than those who did not. Further, participants who had CPR experience with a live person had better scores than either group.

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 Cecily A. Montgomery, RN, BSN


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