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 Wilson, M., Shepherd, C, & Pitzner, J.




 Assessment of a low-fidelity human patient simulator for the acquisition of nursing skills.


 Nurse Education Today, 25, 56-67.



The authors, nurse educators for a health care organization in Australia, reported on a study of nurses’ perceptions about the realism and suitability of a specific low-fidelity human patient simulator (LFHPS) for educating nurses or nursing students (n = 70). The study was completed using an assessment tool developed for the study and comparing the manikin to other teaching tools such as a textbook. Results showed the participants perceived that most of the components/functions of the LPHPS were realistic, better than existing training products and suitable for teaching purposes. The authors concluded that LFHPS may facilitate experiential learning and improve health assessment competence of nurses, and that the use of simulators has potential to reduce the risk of adverse events and improve patient outcomes. Demographic and descriptive statistics per survey item are presented and discussed. Comparative statistics between different nursing groups’ perceptions evidenced some significant differences, which are presented and discussed. Provided evidence of the value and uses of LFHPS in educating nurses.

Annotated By:

 Carol S. Coose, EdD, RN, CNE


  Curriculum Integration

Curriculum Integration
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