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 Brackney, Dana; Priode Kimberly




 Creating context with prebriefing: A case example using simulation


 Journal of Nursing Education and Practice 5(1), 129-136



The Authors, Brackney and Priode, faculty at Appalachian State University provide a case example of curriculum integration in an emergency simulation environment using pre-briefing. 

The case example provides a detailed description of learning activities surrounding a simulation experience with a deteriorating cardiac patient. The study objectives were to design and evaluate an educational sequence using narrative, games, and simulation to teach students how to manage and anticipate the care of a deteriorating patient. A case example with descriptive quantitative and qualitative evaluation is presented. The study took place on multiple days in a university simulation laboratory. All study participants (n = 43) were senior students enrolled in a Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. Students experienced an educational sequence and then rated and ranked educational activities. Results are reported with descriptive statistics. Students and faculty responded to the question, "What will you take from this experience?” Their responses were evaluated using constant comparison and expert review for themes.

Results: Students identified 'knowing how', 'increasing confidence' and 'understanding roles' as what they took from the experience. Students ranked the simulation itself as the most helpful.

Conclusions: This paper adds uniquely to the nursing literature by providing detailed accounts of the activities surrounding simulation that support student learning in multiple domains.

Annotated By:

 Dana Brackney, PhD, RN


  Curriculum Integration

Curriculum Integration
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