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 Seropian M.A., Brown, K., Gavilanes, J.S. & Driggers, B.




 An approach to simulation program development.


 Journal of Nursing Education, 43(4), 170-174.



The authors, medical and nursing faculty, as well as simulation specialists at Oregon Health Sciences University, presented a detailed description, approach to and timeline for the development of a simulation program/facility for use in health care education. The authors cover everything from the vision for the program, to the business plan, buy-in, facility construction, equipment purchase, through training, curriculum and faculty development, and infrastructure issues. Provided a clear, practical and realistic description of the issues and needs for the development of a simulation program for health care education, including cost and faculty development issues. This was a valuable article for nursing education faculty and administrators interested or desiring to incorporate simulation into nursing programs.

Annotated By:

 Carol S. Coose, EdD, RN, CNE


  Faculty Development

Faculty Development
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