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 Rodehorst, T.K., Wilhelm, S.L. & Jensen, L.




 Use of interdisciplinary simulation to understand perceptions of team member roles.


 Journal of Professional Nursing, 21(3), 159-166.



The authors, nursing faculty at a Nebraska university, presented an interpretive analysis of a qualitative study of student perceptions regarding the usefulness of interdisciplinary learning about care of asthma patients using CD-ROM simulations. The study was conducted with health care practitioner students (n = 26) from four different disciplines (nursing, medicine, pharmacy and respiratory therapy). Descriptive demographic statistics were presented and methods to establish trustworthiness and dependability of the data collected were described. The data analysis indicated the data could readily be categorized into four major themes that represented the social systems element of the theoretical framework presented for the study. The authors presented examples of how the data collected from focus group interviews fit into each of the four themes: similarities/differences, norms/values/cultures, professional orientation, and hierarchy. The authors concluded that the interdisciplinary approach used with the simulation on the CD can enrich students and health-team members learning as well as their collaboration. They also discussed study limitations plus the need for more research. Provided a solid example of a qualitative study regarding the use of an interdisciplinary approach that involved use of a simulation even though it was not really a study related to the value, development or effectiveness of simulation use.

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 Carol S. Coose, EdD, RN, CNE


Teaching Modalities

Teaching Modalities
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