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 Roberts, J. D., While, A. & Fitzpatrick, J.M.




 Simulation: Current status in nurse education.


 Nurse Education Today, 12, 409-415.



The authors, nursing faculty and a research assistant at King’ College in London, presented a paper that explored the current status of simulation use in nursing education about 15 years ago (1992). They reported an extensive review of literature and research at the time of their writing, which included information on a variety of simulation methods and studies many of which involved case studies or case scenarios and evaluation tools for student performance. They concluded that although further research was clearly needed, simulation had a strong potential and a valuable role to play in nursing education, not just in psychomotor skill development but also in developing what they called ‘integrative skills’ needed for clinical practice. This provided a good foundational review of early literature/research on simulations.

Annotated By:

 Carol S. Coose, EdD, RN, CNE


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