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 Rizzolo, M.A.




 Multimedia patient case study simulations: Considerations for their evaluation and use.


 In S.J. Grobe and E.S. Pluyer-Wenting (Eds.) Nursing informatics: An international overview for nursing in a technological era (pp. 553-557). The Netherlands: Elsevier.



The author, director of interactive technologies for the American Journal of Nursing Company, discussed the evaluation of fidelity in multi-media case study simulations along with a variety of ways to use these simulations. She presented details on the five aspects of multimedia case study programs: realism, level of decision-making, user input, feedback and record keeping, and balance of video, text and graphics followed by specific documented guidelines/suggestions on the use and integration of these simulations into nursing education. The conclusion of this article provided a prediction of the future for multi media case study simulations that has now become reality in the high fidelity human patient simulators. Provided excellent information on evaluation and use of simulation in nursing education.

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 Carol S. Coose, EdD, RN, CNE


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