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 Larew, C., Lessons, S., Spunt, D., Foster, D., & Covington, B.




 Innovations in clinical simulation: Application of Benner’s theory in an interactive patient care simulation.


 Nursing Education Perspectives, 27(1), 16-21.



The authors included a nursing doctoral student and a nursing doctoral candidate (also graduate teaching assistants), the director, and a coordinator of the clinical simulations laboratory at a school of nursing, plus an associate dean, all from a Maryland university. These authors introduced a clinical simulation protocol structure that they used to provide a mandatory, non-graded simulation learning experience with 190 junior and senior level baccalaureate nursing students in adult health courses. They discussed the lessons learned in developing and implementing the simulation protocol as well as the challenges and limitations of the protocol. The authors stated the need to develop valid and reliable methods for evaluation of students to allow the simulation protocol to be utilized for clinical competency evaluation. No statistics were presented, mostly a descriptive article that supported use of simulation to enhance learning and the need for further research regarding simulation use in nursing education.

Annotated By:

 Carol S. Coose, EdD, RN, CNE


  Curriculum Integration
Teaching Modalities

Curriculum Integration
Teaching Modalities
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