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 Kneebone, R., Scott, W., Darzi, A., & Horrocks, M.




 Simuation and clinical practice: Strengthening the relationship


 Medical Education, 38, 1095-1102



The authors, two medical and one education faculty from a college and a university in the United Kingdom, presented a discussion paper arguing for a more creative synthesis between clinical practice and simulation. They discussed, with supportive documentation, the following: expertise in performing invasive clinical procedures requires sustained and deliberate practice; simulation offers learner-centered education without some of the safety issues/pressures of clinical practice; there is a danger of simulator training becoming too separated from reality of patient care. The authors presented a theory-based conceptual framework for creating and maintaining close links between task-based practice (simulators) and the real clinical setting. They proposed that simulator-based resources should be available alongside the clinical workplace, so that learning takes place more in context with reality, in other words, a more integrated training/education for complex psychomotor skills in particular. This would allow learners to move smoothly from bedside to skills lab and back again, while harmonizing the learning techniques. This article had some possible implications for nursing education as much of the documentation presented could readily transfer across disciplines into nursing skills. Provided support for integrating skills simulation practice with clinical experiences.

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 Carol S. Coose, EdD, RN, CNE


  Faculty Development
Teaching Modalities

Faculty Development
Teaching Modalities
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