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Dr Maura C Schlairet



Current Employer/Affiliation:

Valdosta State University, College of Nursing

Contact Information:

1500 North Patterson St.
Valdosta, GA 31698

Published Research:

Schlairet, M. C. (in press). Needs of older cancer survivors in a community cancer care setting. Journal of Gerontological Nursing.

Schlairet, M. C. (in press). Efficacy of podcasting: Utilization in undergraduate and graduate programs in a college of nursing. Journal of Nursing Education.

Schlairet, M. C., Heddon, M. A., & Griffis, M. (in press). Clinical and academic partnership: Needs assessment to guide development of a survivorship program for a community cancer center. Oncology Nursing Forum.

Schlairet, M. C., & Pollock, J. W. (2010). Equivalence testing of traditional and simulated clinical experience: Undergraduate nursing students’ knowledge acquisition. The Journal of Nursing Education, 49(1), 43-47.

Schlairet, M. C. (2010). Cancer survivorship: Needs and distress among older adults in a community cancer care setting. 16th International Conference on Cancer Nursing (ICCN). Published proceedings: Final program and abstracts, 129.

Schlairet, M. C. (2009). End of life care education: Statewide survey of nurses’ educational needs and effects of education. The Journal of Professional Nursing, 25(3), 170-177.

Schlairet, M. C. (2009). Bioethics mediation: The role and importance of nursing advocacy. Nursing Outlook, 57(4), 185-193.

Schlairet, M. C., Heddon, M. A., & Griffis, M. (2009). Survivorship program development: Needs assessment in community cancer centers utilizing academic partnerships (Abstract). Oncology Nursing Forum, 36(1), XIII.

Schlairet, M. C. & Pollock, J. W. (2008). Simulated clinical experiences: Baccalaureate students’ acquisition of knowledge. [Abstract]. Professions Education Researcher Quarterly, 29(9), 17.

Schlairet, M. C. (2007). Zero-tolerance for horizontal violence in nursing: Transforming the culture in Georgia. Georgia Nursing, 67(4), 5-6.

Schlairet, M. C. (2007). Challenges to come: Building nursing care capacity for older adults in Georgia. Georgia Nursing, 67(4), 7-8.

Schlairet, M. C. (2007). Caring for the dying: State wide survey of nurses’ educational needs. [Abstract]. Professions Education Researcher Quarterly, 28(2), 24.

Schlairet, M. C. (2006). Survey of nurses’ educational needs related to end of life care. Dissertation Abstracts International, (UMI No. 0819412).

Schlairet, M. C. (2006). Georgia nurses and end of life care: Results of a state-wide survey. Georgia Nursing, 66(4), p. 23-24.

Schlairet, M. C. (2006). End of life nursing care: A survey of nurses’ educational needs [Abstract]. Proceedings of the Sigma Theta Tau 17th International Nursing Research Congress Focusing on Evidence-Based Practice. Advancing knowledge, community and evidence-based nursing globally through collaboration. Montreal, Canada: Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International.

Schlairet, M. C. (2005). Improving end of life nursing care: Statewide educational needs survey. Georgia Nursing, 65(2), p. 8-10.

Schlairet, M. C. (2005). At the end: One chance to get it right. Portico, 1(1), p. 16.

Current Research Interests:

Effect of sequencing simulated and direct care experiences on critical thinking abilities in undergraduate BSN students.

Type of Simulation:

Patient Simulators

Teacher Centered:


Student Centered:


Educational Practices:

Active Learning
High Expectations
Student-Faculty Interaction
Diverse Learning
Time on Task

Design Characteristics:

Duration of Simulation


Critical Thinking
Clinical Judgment
Self Confidence

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