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Dr. Jeanette McNeill


Doctorate in Public Health, Univ of Texas Houston Sch of PUblic Health, MSN, Univ of Texas Houston Sch of Nursing, BSN, Louisiana State Univ, New Orleans, LA.

Current Employer/Affiliation:

University of the Incarnate Word, School of Nursing and Health Professions
San Antonio, TX

Contact Information:
210-829-3161 (office)

Published Research:

Parker, R, McNeill, JA, Pelayo, L, Goei, K, Howard, J, Gunter, D. (2009) Pediatric clinical simulation: a pilot study. Journal of Nursing Education, 50, 2, 105-111.
DOI: 10.3928/01484834-20101230-05

Current Research Interests:

In our setting, and simulation center, we are exploring two areas of interest:  1. Comparison of outcomes of simulation and traditional clinical experience and have research findings which is in the final stage of manuscript preparation, 2.  Development of faculty to use simulation as a teaching strategy, and have conducted three "courses" and several programs; these data have been presented, and are being finalized as a manuscript as well.  
We are also exploring opportunities in terms of use of simulation in interdisciplinary education within the various health professions on the campus (nursing, pharmacology, physical therapy, nuclear medicine and athletic training) in collaboration with adjunct groups such as dramatic arts and psychology.

Type of Simulation:

Patient Simulators
Standardized Patients

Teacher Centered:


Student Centered:

Roles in Simulation
# students involved in simulation

Educational Practices:

Active Learning
High Expectations
Student-Faculty Interaction
Diverse Learning
Time on Task

Design Characteristics:

Debriefing/Guided Reflection
Student Prep Prior to Simulation
Duration of Simulation


Clinical Judgment
Self Confidence

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