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Infusable Mock IV System

  Submitted by: Benjamin Milanowski on October 24, 2018
  HomeGrown Solution Number: 304
Identification of the Problem
Being able to hang fluids and push medications, whether through a simulator or standardized patient, contributes to the verisimilitude of a simulation. This system provides IV access to simulators and standardized patients, is reusable, and easily concealed.
Unique Idea
The construction materials are different from other methods as it uses an old primary tube, IV extension, and saline bag.
Simulationists will make a functioning system where IV fluids and medications can be pushed and safely collected.
1. IV pump primary tubing
2. IV extension
3. Saline bag
4. Angiocatheter hub
5. Scissors
6. Awl
Steps to Creating the Solution
1. Remove the spike chamber from the primary tubing.
2. Enlarge the hole of the spike chamber by reaming it with an awl or other rod.
3. Cut the primary tubing below the pump segment.Keep the tubing with the roller clamp and luer lock and dispose of the pump segment.
4. Insert the cut primary tubing into the reamed spike chamber.
5. Connect the spike chamber to an empty saline bag. It will collect the medications being hung or pushed.
6. Connect the opposite end to a locked IV extension site. The IV extension being clamped prevents fluid from coming out and forces fluids back to the bag.
7. Connect the angiocatheter hub to the IV extension. Attach this to your standardized patient or simulator. It will appear an IV has been placed. Hide the saline bag under a patient gown.