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Reusable Bilious Emesis

  Submitted by: Leigh Snead on August 28, 2018
  HomeGrown Solution Number: 301
Identification of the Problem
Our SIM Center needed a realistic-looking bilious emesis for use in a multiple-run SBLE over several weeks at a time, that did not have to be frequently re-made or did not ferment over time. Biological recipes (those that include perishable food items) would ferment if left out or required refrigeration causing us to have to spend more and more time making simulated emesis.
Unique Idea
By using a clear "slime" recipe, this simulated emesis could be used multiple times without fermentation or need for refrigeration. it simply needs to be stored in an air-tight container to maintain its consistency and "look" for multiple SBLE runs spanning several weeks. It is also less "messy" than traditional biologic recipes and does not require the repeated creation of the recipe.
To provide SIM centers with a an easy-to-use simulated bilious emesis without the need to spend lots of time and money re-creating the product for multiple SBLE runs.
1. ½ cup Clear School Glue
2. ¼ cup Liquid Starch
3. ½ cup Water
4. Green food coloring (add to desired color)
5. Various Natural colored plastic beads (to resemble solid emesis particles
6. add desired amount)
7. Saline solution (mix in as much as needed to reduce stickiness)
8. Emesis basis
9. Air-tight container/zipper bag (to store when not in use)
Steps to Creating the Solution
1. Mix all ingredients except Saline solution together in a bowl
2. If consistency is too sticky, then slowly incorporate saline solution until all stickiness is removed.
3. Store in air-tight container when not in use.
4. When in use, place desired amount in an emesis basin. Can store entire emesis basis with vomit in an air-tight zipper bag between short-term uses.