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Reusable bruising for mannequin or SP

  Submitted by: Leigh Snead on July 15, 2016
  HomeGrown Solution Number: 282
Identification of the Problem
We needed a cost-effective way of simulating bruising at various stages of healing on a mannequin without compromising the integrity of the mannequin skin (i.e., staining) while also maintaining a realistic effect. This method can also be used on Standardized participants to prevent needing to reapply make-up throughout long scenarios or multiple runs. We also wanted a way for non-trained personnel to apply these with ease.
Unique Idea
We used fairly inexpensive supplies to make a reusable sheet of bruises that can also blend well with mannequin and/or SP skin tones to add the realistic effect.
Create a sheet of bruises/bruising from simple, low-cost supplies.
1. Press-N-Seal Wrap
2. Scissors
3. Clear, transparent dressings, various sizes, depending on desired bruise size (optional)
4. Cream-based makeup in bruise colors (yellow, green, blue, red, purple)
5. Sheer panty-hose in the size and color desired (depends on mannequin size and skin color)
6. Images of bruising in various stages (for visual reference)
Steps to Creating the Solution
1. Tear off a piece of Press-N-Seal wrap to the desired size of bruised area
2. Apply cream-based makeup to non-adhesive side of Press-N-Seal wrap to get the desired effect (See Picture "A" & "B")
3. Apply clear, transparent dressing over cream-based makeup application area to prevent smearing (optional).
4. Trim off excess Press-N-Seal wrap
5. Place adhesive side of simulated bruise directly on to mannequin or Standardized Participant (See Picture "C")
6. If applying to a Standardized patient, then SP can wear a full set of panty-hose, knee-highs, etc. (without cutting) Or… If applying to a mannequin, then cut the legs of a pair of panty-hose into appropriate-sized tubes (open at both ends). Apply the panty-hose sleeve over the simulated bruise. Stretch the panty-hose as much as possible to increase realistic effect. Make attempts to hide the edges of the panty-hose if body locations allow. (For example: If placing the bruises on the lower back of Sim Jr., then hide edges under abdominal skin.) See Picture D
7. As seen in the photo, some markings (i.e., red streaking) can be applied directly to the panty-hose themselves, allowed to dry completely and used directly on mannequin. Test material to be sure that it won’t rub off on mannequin and consequently stain the skin.