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Creating Reservoirs in Manikins for NG and J-Tube Medication Administration

  Submitted by: Kimberly Muma on January 16, 2015
  HomeGrown Solution Number: 241
Identification of the Problem
The use of NG tubes and J-tubes is common in the clinical arena, therefore it is important that students become skilled at caring for patients with these devices and administering crushed or liquid medications through NG tubes and J-tubes. However, many manikins do not have the capability of safely allowing instillation of medications or solutions through an NG tube or J-Tube due to their electronic internal parts which would be costly to replace if damaged. Additionally, the internal manikin reservoirs can be challenging to clean out thoroughly due to the narrow openings on these reservoirs.
Unique Idea
Ordinary jumbo toy balloons and zip ties can provide a cost-effective solution that is simple to clean up after use. Tying a jumbo toy balloon to the end of a manikin’s esophagus or stoma site provides a replacement reservoir that satisfactorily mimics a stomach or intestine. Once in place, an NG or J-Tube can be accessed and medications, feedings, or solutions instilled or aspirated.
1. 36” Jumbo Toy Balloons
2. Manikin without internal electronics
3. Zip Ties
4. Towel
Steps to Creating the Solution
1. NG-Tube or Dobhoff: Remove manikin’s chest plate. Place a towel in manikin's upper abdominal cavity (underneath the jumbo balloon, just in case of a leak).
2. Place NG-tube or Dobhoff through nare, assuring tube end extends inside balloon. Secure jumbo toy balloon to stomach reservoir connector with a zip tie. Replace manikin's chest plate.
3. Properly secure Dobhoff tube. Clean up is easy. Snip the zip tie with scissors and toss out the filled balloon. Replace stomach reservoir on manikin.
4. For J-Tube: Remove manikin's lower abdominal plate. Feed a J-tube into manikin's stoma opening and pull the J-tube out of the threaded connector on the backside of the manikin's lower abdominal plate (using pliers if necessary).
5. Place a towel inside the manikin's lower abdominal cavity (just in case of a leak). Using a zip tie, secure a jumbo toy balloon to the connector (over the J-tube). Assure that the J-tube ends inside the balloon.
6. Replace the manikin's lower abdominal plate with the balloon resting on the towel. Clean up is easy. Snip the zip tie with scissors and toss out the filled balloon. Replace the bladder reservoir on the manikin.
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