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Created by education professionals to address tricky issues in simulation, HomeGrown Simulation Solutions comprises self-made items, creative adaptations to existing items, simulation recipes, and ideas that add to the suspension of disbelief in simulation. Each item includes objectives for use, ideas to integrate it into the curriculum, and step-by-step instructions that provide a roadmap for replication.

This area will capture and house the incredible demonstrations of talent, ingenuity, and sharing spirit first seen in 2007 at the Low cost solution podium presentation by Margaret (Meg) Meccariello at the International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning (INACSL) conference. In 2008, the HomeGrown Simulator Contest began; winners were published in Clinical Simulation in Nursing, the journal of the International Nursing Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning (INACSL).
Lisa Pardi Low Cost Moulage January 08, 2015 Moulage Ideas
Laurel Bergren Clay Wound Model January 12, 2015 Category not chosen yet.
Kimberly Muma Creating Reservoirs in Manikins for NG and J-Tube Medication Administration January 16, 2015 Enhancing Manikin Functionality
Deborah Bambini Using Dropbox for Real-time Lab/Diagnostic Test Results During Simulation January 22, 2015 Equipment
Kelley Connor Creating a Scenario-Specific Medication Administration Record January 22, 2015 Category not chosen yet.
Michele Gerdes Peripheral or Site Edema January 22, 2015 Moulage Ideas
Jennifer Bartlett SimMom Hand Pump January 30, 2015 Enhancing Manikin Functionality
Michele Gerdes Quick Apply/Release Compression Stocking or Tattoo Sleeve March 05, 2015 Moulage Ideas
Tobey Stosberg Operational IV for a standardized patient April 09, 2015 Moulage Ideas
Kimberly Muma Low Cost Unit Dose Medication Packages May 28, 2015 Medical Supplies
Kimberly Muma Carb Counting & Basal Bolus Insulin Administration Using Simulated Hospital Food Trays May 28, 2015 Medical Supplies
Jeanne Cleary Getting those IV arms CLEAN! July 01, 2015 Equipment
Michael Lundin Clinical Simulation Mobile Debriefing System July 10, 2015 Equipment
Cara Jaye Francesca Garcia A low-cost improvised CVP monitoring simulator July 13, 2015 Medical Supplies
Hope Meyers Use what you have for Medication Administration/Enteral Feeding by Gastrostomy tube July 13, 2015 Enhancing Manikin Functionality
Patricia Davis Simulated food July 13, 2015 Moulage Ideas
Alaina Herrington Telemedicine/eICU Cart October 14, 2015 Equipment
Pamela J. Hicks Adhesive Residue Prevention October 29, 2015 Enhancing Manikin Functionality
Rebecca Boruff Two Part Mock IV System December 21, 2015 Moulage Ideas
Katrice Ziefle Simulation Belly December 29, 2015 Moulage Ideas
Dustin Hicks SimMan3G NG Tube Modification January 08, 2016 Enhancing Manikin Functionality
Christine Thomas Creating an Electronic Health Record for Clinical Simulation using MS Word January 14, 2016 Equipment
Valorie MacKenna Working Telephone System January 15, 2016 Equipment
Valorie MacKenna Prenatal Record with Dynamically Changing Dates January 15, 2016 Equipment
Rebecca Boruff Simulated pads for defibrillation and pacing practice January 28, 2016 Equipment
Steven Pepe A Test Solution for HomeGrown February 18, 2016 Equipment
Leigh Snead Acute Pulmonary Edema (Pink, frothy sputum DIY) June 20, 2016 Moulage Ideas
Leigh Snead NGT System for Intake & Output with Auscultation June 30, 2016 Enhancing Manikin Functionality
Leigh Snead Reusable bruising for mannequin or SP July 15, 2016 Moulage Ideas
Jeff Carmack Urinary Catheterization Pants for Standardized Patients July 15, 2016 Category not chosen yet.
Jeff Carmack Adaptation of Mama Natalie for more realistic postpartum hemorrhage July 16, 2016 Category not chosen yet.
Jeff Carmack Reusable venous ulcer for use on mannequin or Standardized Participant July 16, 2016 Moulage Ideas
Denise Ruby Inexpensive Morbidly Obese Client Solutions November 06, 2016 Moulage Ideas
Dustin Hicks MSN, RN SimMan3G Chest Tube Adaptation April 24, 2017 Enhancing Manikin Functionality
Dorothy Dooley Newborn Stools (Breastfeeding) June 20, 2017 Moulage Ideas
Christine Repsha Teaching NG Tube Care using Nursing Anne January 10, 2018 Enhancing Manikin Functionality
Kimberley Lamarche "Pap"-Shop: An Innovative Low Fidelity Solution January 10, 2018 Equipment
Marcia Buchs Warm and Red — Assess for DVT January 12, 2018 Enhancing Manikin Functionality
Jarrod Young Low Cost Neonatal Exchange Transfusion Trainer January 15, 2018 Enhancing Manikin Functionality
Norah Bennett Emergency Cesarean Section IPE Simulation January 30, 2018 Enhancing Manikin Functionality
Jeanne Carey Simulated IV Bypass System (SIVBS) March 01, 2018 Enhancing Manikin Functionality
Mark Williams Design and Evaluation of a More Realistic Tube Thoracostomy Task Trainer ( T-4 ) April 14, 2018 Enhancing Manikin Functionality
Anna Lerant An inexpensive, reusable umbilical catheterization part task trainer June 07, 2018 Equipment
Terri Kirkland Artificial Rectum for Suppository Administration June 28, 2018 Moulage Ideas
Ryan Stambro IV Pump Training Cheater August 09, 2018 Equipment
Leigh Snead Reusable Bilious Emesis August 28, 2018 Moulage Ideas
Chassity Mays Multiple Use Skin for Cricothyroidotomy October 03, 2018 Enhancing Manikin Functionality
Matthew Fox Free Barcode Patient ID Band & EHR March 13, 2019 Equipment
Matthew Fox Live Streamed Simulation March 13, 2019 Equipment
Leigh Snead Low-Cost Simulated Seizure Bedrail Pads April 04, 2019 Equipment
Kathryn King Creating Burns to Teach Debridement Technique April 15, 2019 Moulage Ideas
Kimber Dallas Abscess Care Simulation Trainer April 18, 2019 Moulage Ideas
Chris Weidman Low cost Cricoid Membrane October 11, 2019 Enhancing Manikin Functionality
Mary Leigh Stage IV Pressure Ulcer October 14, 2019 Moulage Ideas