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Clinical Simulation Centers offer a vast array of simulation opportunities for students. The following Simulation Centers welcome inquiries from those who would like to learn more about these learning environments.

Would you be willing to let others tour your clinical simulation center and share your insights?

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Centers are alphabetized by State/Province.

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Ohio - Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

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Cincinnati Children's

Name of Sim Center: Center for Simulation and Research
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Sim Center Highlights: The Center for Simulation and Research at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center utilizes patient simulation and innovative teaching techniques to deliver high quality, customized, state-of-the-art education and training. The 13,000 square foot Center provides opportunities for healthcare providers throughout the region to improve multi-disciplinary team performance and to practice communication and clinical skills in a safe environment without risking the safety of "real" patients.

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Contact: TBA
Phone: (513) 636-6992

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Ohio - Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing

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Case Western Reserve

Name of Sim Center: Multimedia Simulation Center 
Location: Cleveland, OH
Sim Center Highlights: This center features three state-of-the-art universal patient simulators: SimMan, SimBaby, and Cath-Sim Intravenous Trainer. SimMan can simulate almost any patient emergency situation and is programmable to provide the most life-like responses with immediate feedback. SimBaby, like SimMan, is a high-tech robotic simulator that can simulate almost any emergency situation and provide immediate feedback, only in Pediatric values. Cath-Sim Intravenous Trainers use virtual-reality technology  to teach intravenous catheterization. The software program offers immediate feedback and opportunities  for review to enhance the IV skills.

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Contact: Celeste Alfes MSN, RN
Phone: (216) 368-4812 or (216) 368-2524

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Ohio - Ohio University

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Ohio University

Name of Sim Center: School of Nursing Simulation Lab
Location: Athens, OH
Sim Center Highlights: Our Simulation Center features 2 Sim Man 3G Hi-Fi training aids and 6 Vital Sims to assist in training our Nursing Degree Program students.

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Contact: Mr. Larry Hess Jr.
Phone: (740) 597-9027

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