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Brazil - Anhembi Morumbi University

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Name of Sim Center: VAnhembi Morumbi Simulation Center
Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Sim Center Highlights: The Anhembi Morumbi Simulation Center supports clinical training for all students of the Health Sciences School of Anhembi Morumbi University, including 14 different Health Careers, including Medicine, Nursing, Physical Therapy, Psychology and others.

It is located in a one floor 1.800 m2 area, including a Simulated Ward with 10 beds, 4 high fidelity/complexity rooms with control room and coupled debriefing rooms, 12 patient assessment rooms with one-way mirror and observation rooms, 3 skills training rooms and a virtual simulation room. 

All the environments are equipped with mannequins, audio/video features, recording and broadcasting to a small auditorium.

This Center started to operate in 2008, together with a curriculum reform that included all health sciences programs. This curricular reform was oriented by a Competence Based Education approach, with Curricular Integration and Interprofessional Education emphasis. Clinical simulation is one of the tools used to help develop better the competencies needed by healthcare professionals.

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Contact: Dr. Ana Paula Quilici
Phone: +55 11 2790-4553 

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British Columbia - British Columbia Institute of Technology

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British Columbia Institute of Technology

Name of Sim Center: InstituSchool of Health Sciences Nursing Simulation Lab
Location: Burnaby, BC
Sim Center Highlights: The BCIT SOHS Nursing Simulation Lab is approximately 6,400 square feet and utilizes 3 separate lab areas dedicated to simulation. The labs house 14 human patient simulators including: 5 Laerdal Vital Sim Nursing Anne, 2 Laerdal 3G, 3 METIman, 2 METI iSTan, and 2 METI ECS (adult and pediatric).

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Contact: Connie Evans
Phone: (604) 432-8687

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British Columbia - Northern Health, UNBC, UBC

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Northern Health

Name of Sim Center: Northern Clinical Simulation
Location: Prince George, BC
Sim Center Highlights: One OR/Critical Care room, One Ward Bay, and debriefing room covering approximately 1100 sq. ft. We have several high fidelity simulators to support two schools and the local health authority.

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Contact: Mr. Michael Lundin
Phone: (250) 565-2488

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