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Texas - Del Mar College

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Del Mar College

Name of Sim Center: Del Mar College Dept. of Nurse Education
Location: Corpus Christi, TX

Sim Center Highlights: The department of Nurse Education has a 5,881 square foot simulation center consisting of three 10 bed labs fully equipped with mid and high fidelity simulators, 2 birthing simulators, and a 2 bed mock ICU also with high fidelity simulators, monitoring, and video capabilities. Multiple software programs, work stations on wheels, Virtual IVs, and other simulation teaching aids are used.

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Contact: Dr. Bertie Almendarez
Phone: (361) 698-2860

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Texas - Lamar University

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Lamar University

Name of Sim Center: Lamar University Simulation Center
Location: Beaumont, TX
Sim Center Highlights: The Simulation Center is a 10 room (approx. 1600 sq. ft.) suite renovated to look exactly like a hospital. Simulation usage of the facility exceeds 1500 student encounters per semester. Facutly present their innovations and research at local, state, and national meetings and have received three Innovation awards from the Texas Organization for Baccalaureate and Graduate Nursing Education (TOBGNE). Check out our website for more details!

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Contact: LeAnn Chisholm
Phone: (409) 880-8862

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Texas - Lone Star College North Harris

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Lone Star College

Name of Sim Center: Lone Star College - North Harris Virtual Hospital
Location: Houston, TX

Sim Center Highlights: The doors of the state of the art 19 bed virtual hospital serves over 200 nursing and allied health professions students, opened 8/25/2011. With full administrative support, Dr. M. Tamasy PhD, RN, CNE - Director of nursing, has been instrumental in the development of faculty as well as the facility. The center containes a sim-baby, a sim 3G, 4 vita-sims, a Noelle, and other manequins of various fidelity. The hospital contains various units including: Med.Surg, 3 ICUs, ER, ER holding, Mother/Baby, pediatrics, NICU, and oncology. The hospital has an observation area/control room and has AV capabilities. Simulation has been threaded throughout the curriculum. A large teaching theater lies directly across from the hospital which allows for real time broadcasts. A simulation committee with other Lone Star nursing departments is being established to share best practices.

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Contact: Professor Brandi Crawford MSN, RN
Phone: (281) 943-6846

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