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Texas - St. Philip's College

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St. Philip's College

Name of Sim Center: Dr. Frank Bryant, Jr. Patient Simulation Center & Nursing Laboratories
Location: San Antonio, TX

Sim Center Highlights: The Dr. Frank Bryant, Jr. Patient Simulation Center & Nursing Laboratories include an 8-bed hospital unit, fully equipped, with functioning nurse call system, as well as a 12-bed skills lab. In addition we have 4 specialty care rooms designed for simulation encounters, including 2 Intensive Care Units, a Maternal ICU and a Pediatric ICU.
We have a variety of low, mid, and high-fidelity manikins including 5 SimMan 3G's, 2 Sim NewB's, and numerous Nursing and Vital Sim Manikins from Laerdal; A Noelle birthing manikin and New Born Hal from Gaumard; and a wide variety of task trainers.

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Contact: Rick Lopez
Phone: (210) 486-2447

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Texas - Stephen F. Austin State University

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Stephen F. Austin State University

Name of Sim Center: Ed & Gwen Cole Simulation Center
Location: Nacogdoches, TX
Sim Center Highlights: Laerdal Center of Excellence. 9000 square feet with 10 bed MS unit, 4 bed OB/pedi unit, NICU/nursery, 2 ER areas, 10 bed assessment lab, and an ambulance bay. Our equipment includes: 5 SimMan 3Gs, 1 SimMom, NewB, SimBaby, 2 SimJr, 17 Nursing Annes, 6 virtual IV stations, 2 scrub sinks,and 2 fully functional nurses stations. We serve as a triage unit for the community disaster plan. Our hospital rooms are fully functional except for O2. 

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Contact: Wendy Donnell
Phone: (936) 468-7727 
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Texas - Texas A&M Health Science Center

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Texas A&M Health Science Center

Name of Sim Center: Simulation Centers
Location: Bryan, TX
Sim Center Highlights: 2 campuses totaling 45,000 sq. ft. Round Rock, TX, 17,000 sq. ft., and Bryan, TX 28,000 sq. ft. The Round Rock campus opened in December, 2009 and the Bryan campus will be open in July, 2010. Each has an OR w/scrub sinks, L&D, Nursery, dedicated Hospital Rooms, multiple hospital beds skills labs, physical diagnosis labs, Standardized Patient clinical exam rooms (RR = 12 rooms; Bryan = 16 rooms), and the Bryan campus has a simulated Home Environment along with 4 debriefing rooms. We utilize SimMan, SimBaby, SimNewB, Noelle/Hal, Laerdal Vital Sim Anne/Kelley, and various other no fidelity manikins and partial task trainers as well as a pool of over 100 Standardized Patients. We are expecting delivery of our new METI iStans in the near future.

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Contact: Mr. Benny Holland
Phone: (512) 341-4951

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