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Clinical Simulation Centers offer a vast array of simulation opportunities for students. The following Simulation Centers welcome inquiries from those who would like to learn more about these learning environments.

Would you be willing to let others tour your clinical simulation center and share your insights?

If so, please submit your information here about your center to the SIRC.

Centers are alphabetized by State/Province.

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Wisconsin - Waukesha County Technical College

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Waukesha Technical College

Name of Sim Center: Human Patient Simulation Lab
Location: Pewaukee, WI

Sim Center Highlights: The Simulation Lab at WCTC houses five METI/CAE simulators, an adult ECS, child ECS, baby ECS, adult METI Man for Nursing, and a METI Man Prehospital. The lab also houses a birthing simulator and has multiple patient rooms, nurses’ station, conference room and a control room.

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Contact: Karen Boggio, RN
Phone: (262) 691-5102

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Wyoming - Casper College

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Casper College

Name of Sim Center: Health Science Simulation Center
Location: Casper, WY
Sim Center Highlights: Opened in 2013 through a federal TAACCCT grant. State-of-the-art facility with four high fidelity labs. Serving all student programs of study in the Casper College School of Health Science and healthcare practitioners through community partnerships.

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Contact: K. David Bodily MS, RN, CHSE
Phone: (307) 268-2322

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Wyoming - Sheridan College

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Sheridan College

Name of Sim Center: Wyoming Simulation Center
Location: Sheridan, WY

Sim Center Highlights: Wyoming Simulation Center is a joint venture between Sheridan College and Sheridan Memorial Hospital. 

Our center is approx 5,000 Sq Feet and features a 6 bed patient ward with nursing station, functioning med room with Pyxis, 2 high-fidelity rooms and a 24 seat classroom environment. Our high-fidelity rooms are video/audio wired for capturing events to assist in the debriefing process post scenario. The WSC houses Noelle, Hal our birthing simulator and her newborn infant. SimMan3G can easily be programed to run a custom scenario or he can run a programed scenario. The complexity of these scenarios is limited only by your imagination. SimBaby and SimNewbie are also available and can be programmed to run a custom scenario or a pre-programmed scenario. WSC also houses a wide range of VitalSim manikins that are perfect for gaining experience in multi-tasking and prioritizing care for multiple patients.

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Contact: Director Crissy Hunter
Phone: (307) 674-1470

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