Simulation Centers

Clinical Simulation Centers offer a vast array of simulation opportunities for students. The following Simulation Centers welcome inquiries from those who would like to learn more about these learning environments.

Would you be willing to let others tour your clinical simulation center and share your insights?

If so, please submit your information here about your center to the SIRC.

Centers are alphabetized by State/Province.

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British Columbia - Northern Health, UNBC, UBC

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Northern Health

Name of Sim Center: Northern Clinical Simulation
Location: Prince George, BC
Sim Center Highlights: One OR/Critical Care room, One Ward Bay, and debriefing room covering approximately 1100 sq. ft. We have several high fidelity simulators to support two schools and the local health authority.

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Contact: Mr. Michael Lundin
Phone: (250) 565-2488

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British Columbia - Vancouver Community College

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Vancouver Community College

Name of Sim Center: VCC Hi Fi Centre
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Sim Center Highlights: The centre consists of 8 beds which contain both low and high fidelity mannequins including a new born and baby. Simulation events can be recorded and there is a dedicated classroom for viewing scenarios and for debriefing.

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Contact: Ms. Shirley Clarke
Phone: (778) 783-5079

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Buenos Aires - Hospital El Cruce

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Hospital El Cruce

Name of Sim Center: Centro de Simulación Clínica 
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sim Center Highlights: MISIÓN

Desarrollar un centro de entrenamiento en simulación clínica, para equipos multidisciplinarios de salud, priorizando la capacitación del personal del propio Hospital El Cruce, otros nodos de la Red e integrando a trabajadores del sistema sanitario nacional, en pos de la optimización de la calidad de atención del paciente.


Ser un Centro de simulación referente a nivel nacional, perdurable y consistente en la calidad del servicio.

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Contact: Prof Norma Raul
Phone: 01142109000

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