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Arizona - St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center

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St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center

Name of Sim Center: Three North Clinical Simulation and Skills Laboratory
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Sim Center Highlights: Three North Clinical Simulation Laboratory is an eight room, 14 bed de-licensed nursing unit utilized for a realistic, immersive simulation experience. The faculty integrate true to life distractors as well as realist nurse-client interactions as a foundation for all simulations.

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Contact: Mr. Nathan Brent RN MSN/NEd
Phone: (602) 406-4773

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Arkansas - North Arkansas College

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North Arkansas College

Name of Sim Center: Blue & You Health Education Simulation Center
Location: Harrison, AR
Sim Center Highlights: The Blue & You Health Education Simulation Center (HESC) is a 1,700 square foot center that has four simulation rooms, two handlers rooms and a medication/supply room. The HESC is utilized by RN, PN, LPN-RN, Paramedic/EMT, Radiological Technology, Certified Nursing Assistants and Community Paramedic programs. The HESC opened in January 2017 after an extensive renovation of two existing classrooms. 

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Contact: Director Kim Tinsley
Phone: (870) 391-3127

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Australia - Edith Cowan University

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Edith Cowan University

Name of Sim Center: ECU Health Simulation Centre
Location: Joondalup Perth, Western Australia
Sim Center Highlights: Specialising in Human Factors Training, the ECU Health Simulation Centre offers world-class facilities, with training in neonatal to adults, anaesthetics, intensive care, emergency medicine and Advanced Life Support courses.

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Contact: Prof Claire Langdon
Phone: +61863043668

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