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News, announcements, and updates from the administration and staff of the Simulation Innovation Resource Center.

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Developing Simulated Learning Experiences
Post questions about scenario development, scenario settings, teaching methods, evaluation tools, resources, etc.
Simulation Centers and Faculty/Staff Development
Post here with different questions about policies, procedures, roles of personnel such as simulation technicians, education and certification questions, simulation time versus clinical time, lab set up, etc.
Simulation Research

Share ideas here on research issues and discussions. Check out more research here on the SIRC.  

Equipment Issues
Discuss equipment issues such as problems, maintenance and solutions. You may also pose questions about equipment needs.
Maximizing Fidelity

Post questions and ideas about moulage ideas and issues. Also discuss the use of standardized patients and hybrid patients to improve realism in scenarios.

Interprofessional Education

Discuss collaboration in healthcare among and within disciplines in both educational settings with students and also professional settings with development of healthcare teams.

Simulation Settings and Specialties

Post ideas about practice specific simulations here such as scenarios for mental health, home health, pediatrics, obstetrics, etc.

Discussion of NCSBN Study

The NCSBN study results were released in fall 2014. 

Share and discuss how the study results are creating change in your school or in your state. 

Essential Vision for Teaching Nursing with Simulation Published by NLN

The NLN believes that simulation offers transformational learning for all nursing students.  In our continuing effort to support nursing faculty with evidence based teaching resources, the NLN's latest vision statement is both timely and critical. Discuss it here in this forum.